Online Drone Racing Stadium

Drone Racing eSports in conjunction with Rotor Rush has created an Online Drone Racing Stadium to complement and support the real life sport of drone racing. With tracks, rules and a racing experience which mirrors the real sport.

In the true tradition of drone racing, Drone Racing eSports and Rotor Rush stage live competitions where pilots of all abilities can compete in virtual online drone racing events that are run just like the real sport. With real race directors controlling the event, live commentators and real prizes. Pilots themselves can set up their own races and invite friends to their chosen track using the multi-play function. Drone Racing eSports opens the world of drone racing to whole new audience.

By taking the best elements of drone racing and adding features, environments and gameplay that appeals to the pro-gamer, Drone Racing eSports and Rotor Rush introduces them to the exciting world of online drone racing. When taken in conjunction with the Drone Racing eSports LIVE events and  community, the pro-gamer will find an easy route into the real sport with links to the local organisations who already exist to support them.

Drone Racing eSports will make live appearances at some of the worlds most prevalent eSports events and will include live tiny whoop racing so that gamers exposed to the thrill of virtual drones can also experience the thrills of the real thing.